Monday, April 5, 2010

Personal Opinion on WoW

I'm sitting on the cliched fence right now regarding WoW. I played a little last night, going after some achievements, when I felt I wasn't having fun. That's right. I was playing a computer video game, and not enjoying it. I could explain this off by saying perhaps I was in a bad mood, or I was bored with nothing else to do, so I logged in to play and kill time. However, I feel more blah when playing WoW than excited. The question I ask myself is, "why"?

I think one issue I have is I leveled my main to 80, and realized it all becomes a gear quest game, or so it seems. I'm working on upgrading my toon's gear, but it is not a big priority. I'll upgrade the pieces when I get around to it. I could have enough badges to upgrade a piece next week, or next month. It doesn't matter to me. However, it seems with many other players, it does, which leads to a whole other, yet somewhat related issue...

"Elitist" players running heroics. While my overall experience in PUG groups has been good, there have been a few where players complain about either another another player in the party, or myself. I don't really have that issue any longer due to some gear upgrades, but really? Just because you're all in epics, getting 3-6k DPS, doesn't mean all the other players in the party are. Many players running heroics are still in blues, and even some quest greens. I know that the elitist player wants to blast through the run as quickly as possible, but please show some patience to other players who are just starting to experience the heroics, and not sour them on it.

The next is the social elements of end game. I may have touched on this in an earlier post. One of the reasons I enjoyed leveling was the social element of some of the guilds I was in. They were mainly leveling guilds, and the players were friendly, sharing their time to assist other players when asked, and just in general sharing the leveling experience. Come end game, that seems to change. Some players who I befriended along the way...I kind of lost. They either stopped logging in for reasons unknown, or they geared up to begin raiding, met fellow raid-minded players, and moved on to that.

Overall, I'm at a crossroads with not only my main toon, but my desire to continue to play WoW. I don't have intentions of seriously raiding with that toon, so what am I going to do when I do finally gear it up? Do I stay with my current guild, which is overall quiet, and focuses on leveling and arena matches, or take a risk and find another guild that meets my social needs? One that gives me a chance to assist other players, while attempting a raid or two with more advanced players?

Overall, the excitement to play WoW just isn't there for me anymore. When I do log in, more often than not I feel like a zombie running the same routine over, and over, and over again. The questions I ask myself are why do I continue to play? What's holding me to the game? Could I be experiencing burnout? How in the world do other players have multiple toons at 80, while it's a chore for me to get even two to that point, including the fact Blizzard made leveling faster?

Those are all questions I need to answer for myself while I continue to sit on the fence.

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