Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The $25 Pony

I know I'm a tad late to the party regarding this, but Blizzard added a couple items to their pet store.  I rolled my eyes, and logged into the game.  Walking around Dalaran, I saw a slew of players sitting on ponies that were sparkling.  I rolled my eyes, but this time with a feeling of rage knowing Blizzard can get away with adding these things to the pet store, milking their player base.  Some players apparently don't see a problem with paying Blizzard more money in addition to the monthly subscription costs and and for the game itself.  But hey, it is their money.   

My friend, who doesn't play and I had breakfast over the past weekend.  He told me he could see Blizzard adding gear with extra stat bonuses to the store that players could pay for.  While I responded that I don't see that happening, I seriously can't rule out that possibility, especially considering I see so many people on these new mounts.  If Blizzard can milk the player base like this, and if it is successful, who knows what they'll do next.  My friend proceeded to ask me what I would do if Blizzard were to impliment adding gear you can only purchase with real money.  My simple answer: I'd quit.

Call me cheap, but I pay $15 a month to play the game, add in the actual game and expansions, and I feel I'm giving Blizzard enough of my money.  Items such as mounts should be earned with in-game currency and awards.  If they want to add a pony that sparkles as a mount, make it a rare one and have players earn it, and not turn over $25 for it.  I have a feeling Blizzard will continue to add to this store.  The fact I see so many players on my server riding this new mount adds confirmation to my feeling, but only time will tell.

If players want to spend the money for some mount that will probably mean nothing in a few years, or whenever WoW either goes away or becomes irrelevant, that is their choice.  As long as Blizzard doesn't charge for content that affects tangible gameplay elements (gear, quests, etc.), then I can live with them adding to their pet store, though I may not like it just the same.

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