Sunday, September 12, 2010

Magphloin Visits Azjol-Nurub

I decided to put my paladin in queue for a random.  The timer said about 20 minutes.  I didn't feel like doing anything else while waiting, so I went out to the living room, and watched some television.  I came back just in time as the LFG invite appeared on the screen.  The wait was less than the expected time, and I knew I hopped into a party that had fallen apart.  Just as soon as I entered the party, one of the players (who would be the tank), was saying something to the effect of "I'm higher than you".  He was the highest level player in the group at 76, but I had a bad feeling. 

My feeling was only made worse when said tank charged right into the mobs at the beginning of the instance while I was still buffing the other members, and the resto shaman, the player I would find he was arguing with, told him to hold so he can get ready.  I simply kept quiet, and did my job to the best of my abilities.  Needless to say, this tank, in his haste, caused the party to wipe.

We come back to the instance, and he's arguing with the shaman, saying he's a higher level than he is.  The conversation then turned to bragging rights as to how many level 80s each of them had.  I was on the brink of leaving this party...  Once again, he just charges in.  Most of the party dies.  As I would expect, the shaman and another dps player left the party.

Reinforcements come in.  Tank charges in yet again, but this time, the healer who replaced the shaman wasn't really on with heals.  I am not complaining, because from what I've seen, some players don't bother with instances until Northrend, so they may still be learning their role.  Tank dies, makes sarcastic comment to healer.  Healer and tank leave party.  Unfortunately, the remaining spider creature comes after me.  So the mage, the other player in the group, and myself run for the exit.  The mage complains, leaves party.

I felt like I wasted too much time already.  Between the LFG wait, and the 15 minutes, I was about to just leave, but I didn't.  The next batch of party members come in.  A paladin tank, a hunter, and a druid healer.  I welcomed them all to the party, and got a hello back.  I had a feeling this would be a good group, and it was.  We proceeded to clear the first boss with no issues.  Heck, we cleared that whole instance (despite how quick it is to run), with ease.  The final problems.  I thanked the group, and we all went our separate ways. 

I guess the main lesson I learned wasn't so much how to run the instance, but of groups, and hanging in there.  I was really about to quit the party, but once the tank removed himself from the picture, everything went smooth.  One may argue that I could have left the party, and went back into queue, because the wait would've been about the same.  However, what would have happened if I did, got another bad player in the group, and had to wait all for a new group, etc. 

I am glad I stuck with it, but I wonder why there are players who are approaching 80 who have no clue about group etiquette...

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