Sunday, October 17, 2010


I did it, after a few weeks of wavering back and forth as to whether or not I could bring myself to it...

R.I.P. 2008-2010

It wasn't an easy decision for one reason, and that was all the time I had put into playing my toons.  I began playing WoW back in Nov. of 2008.  I heard of the game for several years, but never felt inclined to play it after having a roommate back in college who was addicted to Everquest.  I didn't want to become that guy, but I put that past behind me and joined WoW at the behest of a couple former coworkers who played.

I was quickly sucked into the game.  There was so much to explore, and the various zones were well designed and varied I thought.  As a solo player, I feared there would be lack of sufficient content, but was I proven wrong!  I met some, though not many, players along the way.  I started out slow, but come about this time a year ago, I was putting in more and more time into the game; enjoying watching my toons gradually improve.

Unfortunately, as with most things, the luster began to wear off.  Running daily quest after daily quest, the same instances over and over, grew boring.  Some of the friends I met along the way moved onto raiding, and I started seeing more and more jerks (to put it kindly) in randoms, in trade chat, etc.  Though I believe most people who play WoW aren't a@@hats.  They're a silent majority.

I found myself the past couple weeks logging into WoW out of habit, and not doing anything, besides sitting around Dalaran.  There was no motivation for me to run a random instance, no motivation to do dailies, or go after achievements.  The fun was gone, and to add to that I was downsized from my job several months ago, so I've been watching where my money goes.

I'm not one of those QQ'ing about the recent patch.  In fact, I think it's great.  It's just that I've been working on prioritizing things in my life.  WoW is towards the bottom of the ladder, and don't have the time, or willingness to dedicate myself to it anymore.  Perhaps I'll be back for Cataclysm, for it seems like it will be awesome, but we'll see.

I don't think I got many readers to this blog, but for those who've stopped by, or keep up on it, I thank you.

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