Friday, September 3, 2010

Go Forth Young Druid

I decided to recently level a druid on the Fizzcrank server instead of Thunderhorn, where my other toons are.  Why?  The main is reason is I know a player on Fizzcrank who seems to know the game inside and out, and her husband who I worked with in RL has a toon there too.  Besides, I wanted to check out another realm, see how the community is; and I didn't want to pay to transfer my Thunderhorn toons.

Of course, I had choices of which class to start.  I played a hunter to 80, and also have a pally getting close to 80.  I TRIED playing a mage and warlock.  Didn't quite pan out.  Wasn't a big fan of either of those classes.  I considered a warrior, but didn't feel too excited for it.  I narrowed my choices to either a shaman or druid.  I ended up going with druid. Players who play them enjoy the class, it's versatile, and the form changing aspect seemed kind of cool.  Druid it was, and Housatonic was born. 

I am currently at level 15, and my thoughts are mixed.  I always try out other classes to at least level 20 before deciding whether or not I like it.  I like the self-healing aspect, and the bear form does some decent damage output (going feral for leveling), but I find taking on 2 of similiar level monsters is difficult, and I die.  It also seems to be a class that's a little more complicated to play, compared to the pally, which isn't too bad a thing. I kind of like that you can use the feral tree for either tanking or dps.

Right now, it's too soon to judge how I view playing the druid.  I'll continue to play it, and see how new talents and abilities unfold.  Something tells me I'll probably stick with it though.

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