Friday, May 14, 2010

Is it Time to Change?

I'm pondering a guld change.  As I leveled my hunter, I was in several guilds. Most of them disbanded due to small size, lack of activity (which seem to go hand in hand), and of course, drama.  As I was levelling, I mainly enjoyed the social aspect of guilds; but now that I'm at 80, and am considering trying raiding before the Cataclysm expansion, I find myself at a crossroads.

The guild I'm in currently is small, consisting of only several players who have multiple alts.  I joined the guild because a coworker who plays is in it.  At the time, I still played solo for the most part, and had just hit 80.  My coworker was telling me how helpful and mature the guys in the guild were.  I figured I'd give them a try.  Of course, things can change over a period of a few months...

As it has been for awhile since I joined, it's really only the person I know in RL and myself who are on.  The guild leader has been on more often of late leveling an alt, but he was out of the game for awhile due to some computer issues, and wasn't sure if he was even going to return to the game.  I haven't seen some of the other members on for quite sometime now.  Needless to say, guild chat is either a lonely place, or a private chat for my friend and I.

My coworker was telling me about his wife on another server who raids, and how being in a guild, she has a reliable group of players instead of having to PUG, and who she seems to have  fun with while raiding.  A player on my friends list who is in another guild echoed the same thing about how it's easier to have guild mates to run with instead of spending time trying to get a raid group together.  That sort of got me to thinking.  Should I explore other options?  The players in my current guild are nice and helpful when they are on, but that is not very often.  I would like to experience the end game content with players who share my goals.  Unfortunately, I'm not getting that with the guild I am in.

Of course, this opens up the issue of finding a suitable guild.  For that, I don't know where to turn.  I'd like a guild that casually raids, with members who are mature and social.  I'm not looking for a hand-out guild, just one that can accommodate my type of playstyle, and not one that has strict raiding demands, etc.  For the reason I am not sure where my future in the game ultimate lies, I haven't jumped ship yet.  Perhaps I should try a PUG raid or two to see if raiding is even something I'd enjoy first.

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