Monday, May 3, 2010

Childrens' Week School of Hard Knocks

This week is Children's Week in WoW.  Children's Week is a world event where you accompany an orphan with you, earning achievements along the way.  You can get an orphan in vanilla content (Stormwind for alliance, Orgrimmar for horde), one in Shattrath City, and one in Dalaran.  The good news MOST of the achievements are easy, and when you complete the quests for each of the orphans, you earn three non-combat pets.  Except there's one problem, or should I say achievement.  One that has gotten in the way of many players getting the proto drake for completing all the holiday meta achievements.  It is the School of Hard Knocks achievement.

The objective of School of Hard Knocks is being to complete certain battleground goals with your orphan out.  For non-PvP players (I'm definitely one of them), this achievement is either a nightmare, or players don't even bother to try for it.  I've read stories in forums on how players on both the horde and alliance were working together to complete it.  I've read strategies players used, stories of how some players tried it anyway despite not enjoying PvP, but none of that makes me feel inspired to go after this achievement.

Players have suggested Blizzard either take out the achievement, or revise it so a player would need X honorable kills.  Ideally, as a non-PvP player (the only battleground I've been to outside of Wintergrasp was Warsong Gulch), I'd like to see this achievement taken out.  However, I could live with the X honorable kill suggestion.  I'd go to a BG for that, albeit reluctantly. 

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