Monday, March 22, 2010

Regained Interest?

I may have mentioned my hunter toon, and how I've been neglecting him with the exception of farming mats and things to sell on AH to make money for my paladin. During last week, I decided to do the dailies to earn exaulted status with the Kul'uak (partially for the fishing pole). I ended up doing some quests that have been sitting in my quest log for the past few months, and other dailies. Meanwhile, Magphloin, the super dwarf paladin, hung around in Ironforge commons.

One reason I neglected the hunter was because of running instances using the LFG, and not being thick skinned enough to handle criticism of my DPS, or the general idiotic behavior I've encountered in these groups. I decided to try running him again, and did. I ran four heroic instances over the past weekend. Two with a coworker of mine who plays, and two with a couple of old guildmates. I figured it'd give me a chance to try out a different shot rotation, and earn Emblems of Triumph in the process so I can upgrade the gear.

The runs ran well. I had a purple bracer drop I won on, and was an upgrade to the piece I had before. In another run, a blue ring dropped, so I rolled need on it. Why? I provided more agility, which is a stat I overlooked while leveling, then gearing the hunter. As a result, my numbers when up, from about 1200 dps to 1400 - 1600. Sure, those numbers won't blow anyone out of the water running heroics, but for a toon still in blues and a green piece, it's not too bad I felt.

I felt motivation to log into Crazyd and get him back out there, instead of being put into the mule mole I put him in.

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