Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Guild Thoughts

Before I started this World of Warcraft specific blog, I discussed my guild experiences on my main blog. Between my toons, I've been in several guilds. Most of them didn't work out. That can be due to a couple different reasons. Most of the guilds my toons were in were start-up guilds, with never more than 25 members. Due to lack of recruits to fill the ranks, most of them eventually disbanded. I've really only been in a couple good guilds during my time playing.

The reason I mention this is my dwarf paladin joined a guild a little over a week ago after being guildless for 14 levels and about a month. It was a start-up. I haven't been on that toon much the past week, but when I have logged on, I've been the only member on, and several members have left the guild. I find myself pondering if I should jump ship too. The fact is, I sort of enjoy the social elements of a guild, especially those with mature players. I'm not getting that in this guild. I may as well be guildless, only with a tag over my head so people don't spam me in Stormwind with guild invites.

I give the guild leaders credit on a couple things. First, one of them whispered me. I'd rather have it done that way instead of suddenly seeing "...has invited you to guild x". They also have a direction and focus on the guild - leveling. However, the guild officers don't seem to be on much, and as mentioned before, general guild activity is low. It wasn't too big of a surprise to me when I checked who was on last night, and realized the guild lost 6 members since the weekend. The intention and focus is there, but this seems like it's going to turn out like all the other small, start-up guilds I've been in before: folding up due to general inactivity.

The good news is, unlike my other toon leaving his guild, I haven't formed any in-game friendships with any of the members, so there's not as much of a guilt factor if I leave. Besides, there are other options out there, but I could very well end up making my pally guildless. I've gone through 44, soon to be 45 levels playing solo and pug'ing instances.

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