Tuesday, February 9, 2010

An Introduction

Hello, and welcome to WoW Misadventures! This blog will be about my experience (or lack of) in the World of Warcraft. I'll discuss my characters, issues encountered in the game, and other things. Hopefully you'll read, and enjoy my misadventures!

I came to the game late. I began playing around Thanksgiving of 2008. For the past few years before that, I've heard of WoW, see it depicted on television, and knew of people who played it. At the time, I wasn't too interested in playing an MMORPG due to my college roommate, who had an addiction to Everquest. I didn't want to be like him!

However, I had a couple coworkers who played, and they were talking about the game often. They sort of talked me into playing too. I got the 10-day trial account, and while I wasn't fawning over the game, I thought it would be an interesting time killer. After the 10-day trial, I caved and subscribed, with my best friend questioning my as to why I'd want to pay $15 a month to play a game. Needless to say, nearly a year and a half later, I'm still playing.

That is my brief summary of how I got into WoW and my overall thoughts on the game. I look forward to posting in the future!

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